Level 5 - Boss Fight

Level 5 - Boss Fight

Playthrough of BOSS FIGHT

BOSS FIGHT is the fifth and final level of the SUPERHOT Prototype.

The level starts with the player inside a hallway. After walking through a series of rooms, "KILL THE CEO" flashes on the screen. Walking into the next room, the player sees The CEO, and is instructed "KILL HIM". Killing him with a melee takedown (the only possible way) causes The Mystery Man to appear on the screen. He says "Yes!" Walking further through the hallways, The Mystery Man says "You have served me well. Now, dispose of yourself." A large pane of glass shatters, and the Man says "Just walk through the window." As the player obeys, they begins to fall to their death. He stops just a few feet from the ground as the Man says "Stop! You've been a good boy." This is the end of the level and the game.

The "SUPER"/"HOT" loop that ended every level will now play indefinitely until the player clicks, at which point a message inviting the player to visit the Kickstarter page appears. Clicking this will open the page in the default web browser.


If the player turns around at the start of the level and walks down the hall the wrong way, they will be told "GET BACK AND DO YOUR JOB". If the player continues to delay the assassination, they will be told "DO IT", "DON'T BE A COWARD", "GET BACK", and finally "NO REWARD". Besides these messages, delaying does nothing to change the level. In the full game, there is, in the "VIDEOS" folder, a video of The Mystery Man saying "yes" called yes.avi.