IT'S ABOUT TIME is the first level of the SUPERHOT Prototype.

Level 1 - It's About Time

Level 1 - It's About Time

Playthrough of IT'S ABOUT TIME

The level starts with an already-dead Standard Enemy named Alexander falling into a pile of boxes. After being told "time moves only when you move" through flashes on the screen, the player follows a hallway down to a standard enemy with his back turned to the player. The player is then instructed to "TAKE HIM OUT" and "TAKE HIS GUN". After performing a melee takedown on the enemy, the player continues to a room where two enemies are waiting. The player is instructed to "KILL THEM ALL". The level ends after killing both enemies.


If the player turns directly right before killing the first enemy, he can go through a window and back up the stairs to the other side of the first enemy. If no other enemies are killed, this first one will not attack the player, making him the only NPC (other than The CEO) to remain peaceful.