The katana in use

The Katana in use.

The Katana is a weapon seen in the SUPERHOT full game trailers.  It is available for use in the beta version.  It can be used to slice bullets in half, effectively deflecting it.  It is the first weapon seen to be used as a efficient deflector (bullets can destroy other bullets if they collide mid-air but this is quite difficult to accomplish purposefully). Attacking an enemy with the katana is effectively the same as using the baseball bat, or tire iron (all melee weapons have equal range and a one hit kill) but the katana has a noticeably faster cooldown time, does not have limited durability, can either decapitate or cut in half enemies, and acts

A bullet, cut in half by the Katana

A bullet, being cut in half by the Katana.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.31.53 PM

A bullet being sliced into by the katana, the larger red trail is the katana's movement and the smaller ones are the deflected bullets (from SUPERHOT trailer #2)

Impaled by the katana

An enemy, impaled through the chest by a thrown katana

quite different when thrown. Unlike other weapons, the katana, will be thrown with the tip of its blade forward, and does not shatter on impact. It impacts a part of the terrain, it will either stick into it, or glance off and tumble away. Either way the player can retrieve it later. If the thrown katana impacts an enemy, it will kill them. The weapon can still be retrieved, immediately after impact. if a bullet impacts a thrown katana in mid air, both the katana and the bullet will shatter. Having multiple katanas stockpiled on a part of the map in endless mode is quite an effective strategy, as you can easily retrieve one to take down a troublesome enemy from a distance, or to save yourself from an incoming bullet, if you are cornered. It is advisable not to throw your katana at a firing enemy (particularly shotgunners), as you may lose the valuable weapon. Make sure to time your throws, and throw it at an angle where it is safe from bullets.