The SUPERHOT Team is the group currently developing SUPERHOT. More information can be found on the official site.

Piotr Iwanicki - Creative Director

Piotr is a seasoned team leader with a portfolio that pushes the experimental boundaries of puzzle games in titles such as Rektagon and Tetravalanche.

Luke Spierewaka - Coding Ninja

Luke previous worked at Wastelands Interactive (Worlds of Magic, 1946). When he has free time he tends to participate in or organize various game jams.

Jakub Ziembinski - The Graphics Guy

Jakub is an experienced programmer with a portfolio of games released for various platforms, including PC, PSVita and Nintendo 3DS.

Marek Baczynski - The Practical Problems Dude

Marek is an electrical and software engineer with a track record of crazy projects like an iPad-integrated cat feeder, smoke emitting helmet or a baloon controlled flappy bird.

Tomasz Kacsmarczyk - The Office Chap

Tomasz is a co-founder of our partner company Blue Brick who worked with and managed international teams developing big R&D projects - from mobile and automotive to telecom.

Piotr Kosmala - The 3D Fellow

Piotr has ten years of artistic experience in video games and animation, he creates awesome things in 3D and walks his dog in time left to spare.

Marcin Surma - The Art Style Person

Marcin is a visionary graphics artist with a flair for experimental video game design and theatrics. Illustrates comic books when noone's looking.

Karl Flodin - The Audio Swede

Karl turns knobs and bends strings in order to make video games sing. A prolific worker with a portfolio containing everything from multiplayer shooters to art installations