Level 4

Level 4

Playthrough of THEY KEEP COMING

THEY KEEP COMING is the fourth level of the SUPERHOT Prototype.

The level starts with the player at the end of a small hallway facing a large room. In this large room, there are four walls, each with two hallways. In between the center of the room and the hallways are panes of glass that can be shattered with a bullet. At the beginning of the level, there is one Standard Enemy in the hallway across from the player, one just outside the player's hallway, and one in a hallway on the left wall. More enemies will spawn in random hallways, but no more than three will be on the map at the same time. Killing an enemy will cause the number of enemies remaining to flash on the screen. The level ends when all 11 enemies have been killed.


There are 5 objects at the ends of different hallways. Walking up next to them will cause a phrase to flash on the screen. The following list goes counter-clockwise around the room, starting from the hallway on the right wall, closest to the player. The last three hallways have nothing interesting in them.

  • Glasses - "ART IS VISIONARY"
  • Chair - "CHERISH ALL ART"
  • Door - "OPEN YOUR MIND"